Our expertise with bended wood combined with composite materials and fibers ( glass fiber, carbon fiber, flex fiber, bilogical fibers ) is our trademark. We can build the product either with wood or with composite materials or with a mix of both. Thanks to the expertise we developed with bended veneer, we can use wood to cover the surfaces we build with composite materials and fibers. We can also build products only with wood and fibers, without the use of any composite materials, and can bend wood into complex 3D forms. Through the use of fibers, we can reinforce the weak areas of the product as needed.

We offer different variations types of finishing for the surface. The visible surface can be wood treated with different kind of finishing, such as a painted surface with high gloss or matte finishing, an artistic look with painted textures, as well as the simulations of other materials.

We  provide all the services related to the design process of a prototype, a single piece or small series. Our mission is to deliver you the final product, and before doing so, we take care of all the steps in between, from design conception to the feasibility in CAD up until the construction of the product. We use an array of tools, which we can customize to your needs in order to deliver the best quality of design you are looking for.

We DESIGN the part and visualize it with computer RENDERINGS, and develop it with CAD software.

We BUILD the product depending on the form and on your wishes with composite materials, bended wood, resins, and different types of fibers.

Every single piece is handcrafted with passion.

Is our sevice for you ?

We develop and produce new exclusive designs based on commission, and we also offer the designs we already have in our catalogue - see the section works - .

You need a customized design furniture or a sculpture as a companion for an art installation, or maybe you are looking for a design which stands on ist own as a piece of art ?

You just need one or a few services within our complete offer, like a project development in CAD  ?

Then our service should satisfy you as well.

Our Network

We work in close connection with other companies to co-manufacture the products in order to provide you with the best service possible. We are always in control of all the steps and we are very proud of our network of partners.